Curt was raised in the Sacramento area. He attended San Juan High School in Citrus Heights graduating in 1969. He went on to American River JC and Sacramento State graduating in 1973 with a degree in Education. Curt finished his graduate education in 1974. After teaching for 8 years he become involved in real estate and development. Curt also worked in Alaska for 11 years aboard commercial fishing vessels and as a spotter in the herring industry. During this time Curt got the opportunity to learn photography from the co-pilot's seat of a Cessna 185 turbo float plane. That experience was invaluable because split second decisions are needed.

“Many years behind a camera has afforded me the opportunity to capture pictures of life in many places. My photography interests began about the same time I began backpacking and trekking throughout much of the Western United States . Places like California's many National Parks and Wilderness areas afforded picturesque moments that I wanted to share with friends and family. The colorful canyon country of Arizona and Utah and Colorado's mighty Rocky Mountains became my photographic playground. Through the years Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean taught me a different view of color and light.

Later Alaska ! OH ALASKA! I put in eleven years of work on the back of fishing and crab boats as well as many hours flying in a spotting plane for the herring industry. Alaska is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and photogenic places on earth. More recently, the bend of color and light has taken another turn.

The depths of Europe, especially Italy, has added to my ever increasing appreciation of our world's diversity. Next a new chapter began with with two incredible trips to the dark continent, Africa. This was photographic nirvana. Light, distance, speed the three corners of the photographic triangle were my focus. Until you have the privilege of this experience, this wonder of what is left of our natural world you may never know what a " Travelographer" is.

I have been fortunate to have worked and traveled trying to satisfy my passion for photography. Hopefully my photographs tell some of that story. Photography reminds me that "the big picture isn't always the best picture". I am proud of my work. I hope you will travel with me and see the world through my art.

Thank You, Curt A Tyner 2017

PS: Future endeavors will be a possible one year stay in Italy using that as a base for more exciting trips.

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